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365 Reasons to Smile – Day 4

During my freshman year of college, an unexpected rainstorm hit the night before finals. puddles

While my fellow students and I crammed random bits of knowledge into our brains, the rain beat down.

When the rain passed, darkness had already arrived. But that didn’t stop us from taking a break from studying to enjoy what the storm had left in its wake: puddles.

Even in those days before cells phones and the internet, college students still managed to communicate with each other. That night, hundreds of us ran out of the dorms and the library to work off stress by jumping in puddles.

We splashed and screamed with the same joy we had when we were little children.

I like to believe that, even though we are all in our mid to late forties now, some of us still remember to do that from time to time.

Because jumping in puddles always makes me smile.

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