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365 Reasons to Smile – Day 28

I don’t often experience serendipitous moments in my life, so when I do, I celebrate them.

There is just something completely satisfying when two of your loves combine. I’m not talking the  “you got your peanut butter in my chocolate” and “you got your chocolate in my peanut butter” type of love (although I always enjoy a good Reese’s Cup.)

I’m talking about my love of the Muppets and my love of Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory. So when Jim Parsons made a brief, but unexpected, cameo appearance in the 2011 movie The Muppets, I was actually gleeful.


In the dark theater, I shrieked with delight when he appeared as the human Walter in “Am I a Man or a Muppet?”

And I always smile when I think about that moment.

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