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365 Reasons to Smile – Day 67

september 11 flagToday is September 11.

Like most American adults, I clearly remember what I was doing exactly 12 years ago.

I was home on maternity leave with my two-week old daughter. I had just dropped my three-year old son off at preschool and was upstairs making beds listening to the radio.

When I first heard reports of planes hitting the twin towers, I wondered what was wrong with air traffic control.

The thought of terrorism never crossed my mind, and I didn’t wrap my brain around the enormity of the event.

Being home alone wasn’t normal for me. I was used to being at work and being surrounded by people.

As the day wore on, I received more and more phone calls from friends and family members. Some were calling to check on me and others were calling to let me know they were o.k.

And, despite all the horror of September 11, 2001, that is what I remember most about the day.

As a nation, we not only reached out to those we loved, but we also reached out to complete strangers with love and support.

I don’t ever want to experience another day like 9/11, but I do want our nation to once again experience that type of compassion.

Kindness always makes me smile.

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