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365 Reasons to Smile – Day 77

A few weeks ago, I witnessed an incident that ripped at my soul.  An adult in a position of authority was belittling a friend of my daughter.why we met

The girl hadn’t done anything wrong, but for some reason, the adult didn’t like her. And she told her that. In those exact words.

“I don’t like you.”

Not only were the words hurtful, but they were uttered in front of several other girls and even a couple other adults.

Seeing how the woman’s words affected the girl was heart wrenching

She withdrew and refused to tell any other adults what happened to her.

But I told them, the incident was addressed and there was some of the expected fall out.

I can’t say I felt good about anything that happened. I didn’t just feel sorry for the girl, I also felt sorry for the adult. She must be genuinely unhappy or fearful to treat anyone, especially a child, in the manner that she did.

But the incident also reminded me of how important ALL the people in our lives are. We might not always like them or even appreciate them at the time, but eventually we recognize what they contributed to our lives.

They may have helped us learn patience and understanding. They may have taught us to stand up for ourselves or for someone else. They may have taught us to be more accepting. Or they may even have taught us to cut our losses and walk away.

But no matter what, they have touched our lives. And even though we can’t always control the people we interact with, we can always control how we react.

And that always makes me smile.

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