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365 Reasons to Smile – Day 47

kendallTwelve years ago today, my daughter was due to arrive in the world.

I was positive she wouldn’t.

No one in my family went into labor on time, and my son, who had been born nearly 3 1/2 years earlier, was induced.

I should have realized how different siblings can be.

My son is never in a hurry and takes his time doing anything.

My daughter is more precise, which is probably why she arrived on her due date.

But up to the last-minute, I was convinced she would be born a Virgo rather than a Leo.

My husband loves to tell the story about how I insisted on walking the dogs when my contractions were less than five minutes apart. I love to report my efficient use of the short the time between arriving at the hospital and holding Kendall in my arms.

Twelve years later, my husband and I love our opinionated daughter more than ever.

We also laugh at her first professional baby picture, which shows her attitude at an early age (as evidenced by a certain finger gesture).

And that always makes us smile.

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