10 Things I Learned From Cats

the petsI don’t know what’s happened to me.

I’ve never been a cat person.


From the moment I was born, I was a dog person.

An entry in my baby book documents that. On one of my first trips to the local public library, I toddled across the floor, grabbed a book from the shelf, handed it to my mother and pointed at the picture on the cover.

Then I uttered one of my first words.


Not much has changed in 48 years. I still compelled to reach out to every dog I see. Since the time I was four when my first dog, Charlie Brown, came into my life, my best friends have always been dogs.

I’ve never felt the same unconditional love for cats.rar

Yet, somehow the cats in my family now outnumber dogs.

I could blame my daughter and husband for their appreciation of the quiet and generally undemanding nature of cats, but I would be avoiding the truth. At some point, my heart grew a couple of sizes larger, and I let the cats in.

I don’t love them for the companionship and unconditional love that my canine bff’s have always provided.

I love them best budsbecause they make me think. In all honesty, they have actually provided me with ten important life lessons:

Number 10: If you need a nap, just take one. Period.

Number 9: Don’t spend time trying to get people
to like you. Some people will like you. Some people won’t. Spend your emotional energy doing what you like rather than trying to please anyone.

Number 8: Always let people know when they are creating circumstances that make you unhappy. If you don’t, nothing will every change.cat dignity

Number 7:  There is absolutely nothing wrong with small spaces. In fact, sometimes they are the best spaces.

Number 6: Alregalways make people appreciate your time and attention.

Number 5: If the weather outside isn’t comfortable, come inside. Otherwise, spend your time outside exploring and enjoying nature.

Number 4: Always act as though you are in charge. Even when you have very little control, pretend you do.artemis 2

Number 3:  Embrace your curious side. That’s the only way you’ll ever experience something new.

Number 2: Sometimes, the box really can be the be part of the present, especially if you take into account the wrapping, the bow and the ribbon.

artemis as gift


And the Number 1 lesson I learned from my cat?

Love is love. Don’t worry about what others think about whom you should or shouldn’t  love. Love who you want.

That’s the only way to be truly happy.buddies

About Trina Bartlett

I live in the Eastern Panhandle of WV, with one dog, two cats, and a husband who works strange hours. I can generally be found wandering through the woods my dog, playing in and planting in dirt, and generally stirring things up.

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  1. Those are amazing lessons! I am so impressed! I am a born dog-person, but may just consider allowing a cat into my life (after all your lessons learned). 🙂 Great post!

  2. My daughter is kind of like a cat. She’s 9 months old and when someone wants to touch her hand she’s reaches in response for a moment before receding like a cat would. I think she has secretly been following and has already mastered number 8.

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