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365 Reasons to Smile – Day 57

cankleYesterday afternoon was near perfect. I spent it in a canoe and in good company.

After we pulled the canoes out of the water, my friend stretched her legs out on the grass.

“I think I’m getting cankles,” she said.

I stretched my own legs out and looked at her ankles then looked at my ankles. I didn’t see much difference.

“What are cankles?” I asked.

“Something you don’t want,” she answered.

A few hours later, I googled “cankles.”  Apparently, they are like a muffin top, in that both terms are intended to make women worry about their appearance and weight, but cankles somehow involve the calf and the ankle. I’m still really not sure.

In this world that often places the superficial above substance, I really don’t need to know.

Sometimes, being oblivious is best.

And that always makes me smile.

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