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365 Reasons to Smile – Day 20

For a man who has an extremely long commute to work, my husband doesn’t seem to mind spending time in his car.

He drives our kids crazy when he takes side roads rather than the interstate, which is generally the fastest way to get from here to there in our town.

He  drives me crazy when he reaches our destination but leaves the engine running even after we’ve stopped.

And he drives all of crazy when he is so caught up in his own thoughts that he misses turns and exits.

He’s not just directionally challenged, he is one of the most unhurried people in the world.

I learned that lesson early in our relationship when I told him that he had his own theme song:  “Take the Long Way Home” by Supertramp.

Almost two decades later, that song has stuck, and whenever I hear it, I think of him.

And that always makes me smile.

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