I Believe In God

favorite sunriseI don’t believe in God because I think my belief will get me into Heaven.

My thoughts won’t get me anywhere.

Actions take me where I want to go or where I need to be.

I am too logical to believe that praying will get me what I want. If it did, the world would either be extremely chaotic or dangerously competitive as everyone would be praying  for and expecting to get what they want. If everyone’s wishes were granted, life would be mass confusion.rainbows

This doesn’t mean I don’t need to believe in God or in the power of prayer. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

I believe in God because I know that I am an incredibly imperfect person who doesn’t have the strength to do what is right without a greater power compelling me to consider how my words and actions affect others.

When I ignore that voice, I immediately feel regret.

And so, I am motivated to do my best to make the world a better place for others.

I believe in God because I witness miracles on a daily basis.

sunsetThese miracles exceed the power of humans: we can’t create sunrises, sunsets or any of the beautiful phenomena of nature.

And so, I am compelled to stop worrying about my insignificant concerns and enjoy what is significant, important and beyond my control.

I believe in God not because I expect the world to be perfect or for only good things to happen to good people.

Life isn’t intended to be a joy ride. It is intended to be a lesson that begins at birth and ends at death. Like any lesson, sometimes it is fun and entertaining and sometimes it is exceedingly difficult.

And so, I have learned the power of prayer – of talking with God to help me understand what lessons I am supposed to learn and how I am supposed to use those lessons.sunrise4

I believe in God because there is not other explanation for why I pray when I am feeling lonely or scared or irritated.

Even though circumstances don’t always change when I pray, my strengths does. Instead of  feeling hopeless or alone, I feel loved and embraced.

And so, I continue to pray to do the right thing, or say the right thing or write the right thing.

Because believing in something doesn’t mean I expect my life should be perfect.

sunrise2It means I expect that I’m not alone in any struggle I endure and any battle I fight.

It doesn’t even mean I expect to always win or succeed during those tough times.

But it does mean I grow and learn and become a better person who can help others learn and grow and become better people too.

And, ultimately, that’s why I believe in God.sunrise on beach




About Trina Bartlett

I live in the Eastern Panhandle of WV, with one dog, two cats, and a husband who works strange hours. I can generally be found wandering through the woods my dog, playing in and planting in dirt, and generally stirring things up.

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  1. This is a very brave thing to share. I think any time we demonstrate vulnerability and honesty in what we share about our personal beliefs we take a risk, and that risk is what keeps us all connected. Thank you.

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